Review: Miera Nadhirah Tan Blogger’s Review on Poolside BBQ Party

Fun at the Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party

The weather seemed dismal, cloudy skies and rain or drizzle the whole day yesterday, but nevertheless, it did not stop us from attending the Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party organized by Dr Sidney Kan at the gorgeous Opal Condominium at Kota Damansara….

Just stepping food at the property was enough to make my breath catch and my little girl (ok, maybe not so little – heaven knows she hates me calling her little and insists she is already a ‘tween’) was thrilled at the sight of the pool…

It was definitely a picture of serenity and we were going to break that serenity for a few hours… hahahah…..
Upon arrival, we registered our attendance with Nannie , who was a most efficient ‘PA’ and co host and her ‘PA’ Shamiera….. hehehe ( these ladies are awesome… considering this is all voluntary work…)… and ah yeah, we even got goodie bags for this… sponsored from  ‪#‎shills‬ ‪#‎NYsteakshack‬ ‪#‎HeiSushi‬  …..
 Almost dying of curiosity at seeing three lovely cake boxes from the  ‪eastin hotel‬ , I opened the box to peek in to see three gorgeous work of temptation…… Oh gosh….. don’t you think they look so lovely and tempting??!!!
Picture credit to Miriam Merry-Go-Round
There were of course a few dozen colourful balloons sponsored by  Balloon Buzz from USJ Taipan…. (‪#‎balloonbuzzUSJtaipan‬)  which we could not resist taking photo with. After all it makes a great photo having a bouquet of beautiful coloured balloons in your picture.
And well, most of us as bloggers have a little narcissistic streak in us and we can never say no to taking photos…..
Then there was this amazing face/body painting artist, Fannie from  ‪Fannie Face Art‬ who gave me the best face painting ever!!! It was so pretty and amazing I cannot take enough photos of it and I almost cried having to wash it off  before I go to sleep…..
I had some beautiful pink flowers blooming on my face while my little daughter had a pretty butterfly done….
There were also pretty red and white balloons sponsored by ‪#‎NYsteakshack
My little daughter (she may be turning 11 soon, but she will always be my baby ok….) and I had a fun time taking photos around the poolside and so on as the view is just amazingly picturesque…
Then the BBQ…. OMG… it was nail biting tension waiting for the chicken,
 meat from Bakarlah BBQ and seafood from GST Group to cook since we were treated to amazing smells while the Bakarlah BBQ team so kindly BBQed our tea/ dinner for us….
Ain’t all the food here enough to tempt your appetite… I know it does for me, BBQ is among my favorite kind of cooking as it is basically quite delicious and healthy… not too much oil.. etc…
Yours truly definitely cannot resist ‘acting’ like I am the one doing the hard work in the above picture… hahahaha
And…. one of the highlights of the day everyone was anticipating….
Meeting Zung and getting our pictures taken by him!!
Just reading his CV and biodata is enough to put many of us in awe of this master photographer…And I am one of them…  and so I am so blessed to be given this opportunity to have my picture taken…
This is one of the sample shots of mine that came out…. isn’t it lovely!!!
I am patiently (or actually more like impatiently) waiting all the other photos in like 10 days… huhuhuh… such a long wait… but watch this space ok….
A little bit more about him…oh gosh… I wish I can be even a quarter of what he is, being passionate about photography and travel myself….
Read more HERE
Here is travel blogger Izzati having her picture taken too
Another highlight besides the amazing Face and Body painting by Fannie, photographs by Zung was of course, jewellery making from Elegant Jewellery Studio / Kelvin Gems
Lots of blogger moms and kids were seen having lots of fun designing their own personal costume jewellery etc…
It was definitely a fun-filled affair and everyone had an amazing time despite the slightly dismal weather which fortunately gave way to reasonably nice although cloudy weather …
Everyone had a great time… thanks to all the kind sponsors and also Dr Sidney Kan for organizing this amazing party………………
Fun pictures at the venue… of my and my daughter…. …

Review: Sidney Kan Blogger’s Review on Jewellery Making workshop conducted by Elegant Jewellery Studio at Les Petits Baking Setia Walk Puchong

Keseronokkan My Amani, Akid dan Afiq Di Bengkel “Your Child’s Magical Holiday!”

Sememangnya cuti sekolah 2 minggu ini akan lebih bermanfaat jika dapat kita berikan aktiviti terbaik buat anak-anak kita. Selain daripada pergi bercuti, ke kelas tambahan, menghantar anak-anak ke bengkel yang dapat mereka belajar dan pada yang sama memberi keseronakan juga adalah sesuatu yang perlu dipertimbangkan.
Dan cuti sekolah ini saya berpeluang menghantar My Akid, Afiq dan Amani ke Bengkel Your Child’s Magical Holiday anjuran bersamaLes Petits Chefs dan juga Elegant Jewellery Studio
Bengkel yang diadakan bermula seawal 8.30pagi dan berakhir pada pukul 1 tengahari ini menyediakan 2 aktiviti utama untuk kanak-kanak
Lokasi bengkel adalah di Les Petits Baking Setia Walk Puchong Selangor.

Memang ruang untuk beraktiviti sangat luas dan kemas uollls…Ok, di sini tempat di mana kanak-kanak akan belajar membuat kek.

Turut kelihatan beberapa potrey menunjukkan aktiviti-aktiviti yang pernah dijalankan di sini.

Di satu sudut merupakan kelas untuk penerangan buat anak-anak yang hadir.
Aktiviti 1: Belajar membuat “jewellery” bersama Kak Angie
Biarpun mungkin pelik bagi seseorang anak lelaki nak buat jewellery tapi ternyata ianya juga menarik uolls. Bayangkan anak lelaki yang bersungguh membuat barang perhiasan buat ibu mereka. Selain daripada mereka harus teliti dan tekun, menguji juga kesabaran mereka menyiapkan barangan perhiasan yang diinginkan buat ibu yang tersayang.
My Amani dengan pilhan manik yang berwarna-warni…

Masuk  dengan teliti dan kemas….
Inilah My Amani uolls…..seorang yang sangat cermat dalam membuat kerja apapun.

Semuanya hepi dengan barangan perhiasan yang dihasilkan…

Aktiviti 2: Bengkel membuat “cup cakes”

Setiap kanak-kanak yang menyertai dibahagikan 3 orang dalam satu kumpulan…
Mereka akan diberikan bahan-bahan untuk membuat cupcakes..

See ketiga my anaks dalam satu team…
Yang diketuai oleh My Akid..

Mereka juga mendapat tunjuk ajar dari guru-guru yang berpengalaman sepanjang berada di bengkel ini..

Bukan ahaja kena buat cup cakes…bahkan kena belajar mendeko juga… :=)

Siap!!! Boleh makan 🙂

Peserta bengkel yang hepi dengan hasil masakan masing-masing…
Setiap peserta bengkel bukan sahaja dapat membawa balik hasil aktiviti yang dilakukan seperti cup cakes dan jewellery, bahkan setiap orang daripada mereka turut menerima sijil penyertaan.
So, uoll kalau nak daftarkan anak-anak di bengkel ini untuk slot akan datang boleh rujuk kepada poster di atas ya…
Sidney Kan
Bagus tau hantar anak-anak ke bengkel sebegini, selain daripada dapat memenuhi masa cuti mereka dengan perkara faedah. Anak-anak juga dapat belajar, bermain dengan gembira dan dapat berkenalan dengan rakan baru juga.

Write up by Submerryn Blogger’s Review on BBQ Poolside Party

I attended a Poolside BBQ party today. Quite an interesting one because there are so much to do to keep ourselves occupied. The first thing that caught Ethan’s eyes is the Kids’ Jewelry Making Station by Kelvin Gems. He quickly ran to me saying he wanted to make me something. This boy, just earlier we had a heated argument and now he is dying to make me a jewelry. *Heart melt* Kelvin Gems jewellery making for kids

He told me to choose either a bracelet or a necklace. I chose bracelet and he quickly got busy. Look at the beads he chose. All so cute!

Kelvin Gems bracelet for little girls

It’s done. Beautiful isn’t it? He told me, “Mummy, if you wear this, adik sure will like it because everything is so cute”. Haih, this Ethan. Sometimes he drives me crazy. Other times, he is just too sweet.

Poolside BBQ Party

Ayden entertaining himself in the hall as the guests ate outside.

BakarlahBBQ rental 3

Abundance of food. When Sidney first invited me to this BBQ Party, I was hesitant as I never liked BBQ if I have to DIY. Imagine going all nice and ending up drenched in sweat like somebody has just thrown you into the pool. Only when he informed me that there will be chefs doing all the grilling that I agreed to attend. Yes, I am diva like that.

BakarlahBBQ n rental

I never know we can actually hire BBQ pits and chefs for parties until today. These are all from Bakarlah BBQ & Rental.

BakarlahBBQ rental 2

Their chef grilling tiger prawns from seafood supplier, GST Group.

BakarlahBBQ rental

Nice idea to have all the BBQ-ed meat and fish on banana leaves.

BakarlahBBQ rental 1

My plate of shishamo grilled fish! I love shishamo fish although I always feel guilty eating these pregnant fellas -.-

NY Shack

Delicious meatball pasta from NY Steak Shack for the kids. Actually I had some also. Shh.. don’t tell the host.

There were many beautiful cakes too and I heard they are from Eastin Hotel. My favourite is this cheesecake:

Cheesecakes from Eastin Hotel

What can I say? I am a cheesecake monster and this is just too good. I officiate the cake by cutting it when no one was looking (after getting the approval from the host of course) and quickly took a quarter of it before anyone sees me. I am not greedy, it is just that there were many other cakes around so I am actually helping to eat.

Let’s see the rest of the cakes:

Chocolate cheesecake from Eastin Hotel

This was very nice too. I think it is chocolate cheesecake.

Cakes from Eastin Hotel

This I left untouched as other guests were starting to stare at me like I am some kind of a cake hogger crazy woman or something. But I really love cakes lor…

We also had a photo session by The PhotoZ.

Zung ThePhotoz

Here’s getting our head shot for a black and white picture.

Zung ThePhotoz Ninja Photographer

And here’s a picture taken by Zung himself. I looked macam baru kena marah kan? This was actually for a head shot also and I was told to look down… Picture credit to Leona.

I left shortly after so I did not get to see the end result of the shot. We did not go for a dip in the pool neither as both Ethan and I are down with flu. Thank you Sidney for having us. I must go out and meet people more lah coz today, I found myself with many new faces and realised that I do not know how to mingle anymore 🙁 

» Review: Wai Yee Rene Blogger’s Review on Christmas Jewellery Making workshop conducted by Elegant Jewellery Studio at Kinokuniya KLCC

Original Post: My First Jewellery Making Workshop by Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS)

 Like someone said before: ‘Jewellery takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.’ It is important for us ladies to wear that piece of Jewellery to complements their styles While there are many ready-made Jewellery available on the market, most of them are too common. I still find that one masterpiece is missing at most of the time. Thanks to Elegant Jewellery Studio & Sidney’s invitation, I had the honor to attend my first Jewellery making workshop to customize my own Jewellery at Kinokuniya bookstore KLCC last Sunday. It was a sunny Sunday, the traffic was smooth all the way to down town. It's indeed a great day for some art work like this. Elegant Jewellery Studio setup a table at one of the corner in Kinokuniya bookstore KLCC for the Jewellery Making Workshop. The workshop was conducted by the experienced and talented Founder and Master Creator, Ms Angie Ng of EJS Elegant Jewellery Studio. The Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) is a Jewellery Making Academy established back in early 2013. Angie is very passionate about jewellery making and designing. She has travelled all over the world to learn from top notch designers, she has sourced for materials from the most common of pearls to Mexican opals and black diamonds - the most expensive of its kind, and she is highly regarded by many as one of the experts in the industry. Ms Angie Ng,  Founder and Master Creator of EJS Elegant Jewellery Studio Her private label, Crafted by Angie has been supplying to corporate as well as individual clients, ranging from diamond engagement rings to customised jewelleries for the past 15 years. Angie is also the Creative Director of Kelvin Gems (, which is a jewellery brand that has been around for almost four decades.     It is Angie’s dream to share about her passion and knowledge in jewellery making with like-minded people. She is now living her dream through the academy, conducting workshops and classes for special interest groups. It is her belief that every student should be proud wearing their own creation, right from the very first class. She prides herself by giving her students greater flexibility and inspiring them to craft their own unique designs. Before the workshop began, Angie showed us the latest Christmas pewter charms by Elegant Jewellery Studio. It’s the time to get these special Christmas pewter charms for the Christmas holiday season. Professional Jewellery MakingTools and equipment such as Bead Design Board, Flat nose pliers, round nose pliers and cutting pliers.were provided for us. First of all, Angie taught us how to measure our bracelet before cutting and fixing the toggle  and clasp. I had managed to do this following her instructions. Once we had the correct bracelet length, we could then start designing our charm bracelet. I chose the Snow flakes charm and a few pearls and beads for my bracelet. In order to hook the charms with the bracelet, we need to make hook rings for the charms. Angie taught us the professional way to do it. You could watch the video below for her demo. I managed to made a charm bracelet and a pair of earrings in the 2 hours hands-on workshop. I love my creation very much, and I am getting a lot of praise from my friends too. Do you love my creations too? A group picture is a must!  Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) offers various levels of jewellery making and designing courses, from beginners to professionals, for amateurs and hobbyists, children and adults. Classes are conducted on Tuesdays and Saturdays, from 11am to 4pm at Kelvin Gems which is located in Wisma Amoda, Kuala Lumpur. Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) has also team up with Kinokuniya bookstore KLCC in coming months for Children Jewellery Making Workshops and more. All you need to do is sign up, turn up and enjoy yourself! For more info about Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) and its courses, Email: Website:  Facebook page:


For more info about Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) and its courses,




Facebook page:

» Review: Merryn Tan Blogger’s Review on Christmas Jewellery Making workshop conducted by Elegant Jewellery Studio at Kinokuniya KLCC

Original Post: Making my own charm bracelet

I made my very first charm bracelet back in 2011 under the guidance of Angie of Kelvin Gems. We became close acquaintance and kept in touch until today. I attended her drop earring workshop too and actually blogged about how to make charm bracelet and drop earrings. Click on the respective topic to read further:

1) How to make charm bracelet

2) How to make drop earrings


It took me about 2 hours to complete my charm bracelet. You too can make your own jewellery as their basic jewellery making workshop is only RM98 with all tools and materials provided. Check out their website for more info or call 03-2164 8133 for further info.