» Media: Crafting Jewels – An Interview with Angie Ng by Angeline Teh, BFM 89.9

The Founder and Master Creator is Angie Ng was interviewed by BFM 89.9 on 4th Dec live at BFM head office on Elegant Jewellery Studio’s business and passion.


Elegant Jewellery Studio by Angie champions on sharing the skill in jewellery making. Listen to podcast below or click here to listen on BFM official website about the art of making this a viable business plan.




The Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) is a Jewellery Making Academy established back in early 2013. The Founder and Master Creator is Angie Ng. Angie is very passionate about jewellery making and designing.


She has travelled all over the world to learn from top notch designers, she has sourced for materials from the most common of pearls to Mexican opals and black diamonds – the most expensive of its kind, and she is highly regarded by many as one of the experts in the industry.


Her private label, Crafted by Angie has been supplying to corporate as well as individual clients, ranging from diamond engagement rings to customisedjewelleries for the past 15 years. Angie is also the Creative Director of Kelvin Gems (www.kelvingems.com), which is a jewellery brand that has been around for almost four decades.




It is Angie’s dream to share about her passion and knowledge in jewellery making with like-minded people. She is now living her dream through the academy, conducting workshops and classes for special interest groups. It is her belief that every student should be proud wearing their own creation, right from the very first class. She prides herself by giving her students greater flexibility and inspiring them to craft their own unique designs.


EJS offers various levels of jewellery making and designing courses, from beginners to professionals, for amateurs and hobbyists, children and adults. Classes are conducted on Tuesdays and Saturdays, from 11am to 4pm at Kelvin Gems which is located in Amoda Building, Kuala Lumpur.



THE INTERVIEW “About Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS)”


1. What do EJS offer?


» EJS is an academy that offers jewellery making and designing classes in Kuala Lumpur,

2. What kind of classes are available from EJS?


» The jewellery making and designing classes available are:


» Beginners and Master classes – a series of workshops and classes, starting from the basic. For those who are interested in learning all about professional skills and techniques. Certification will be provided upon completion of each level.


» Hobby classes – one-time class for those who are interested to work on a project


» Young Master classes – suitable for children age 3 and above.


3. How often and where are these classes being held?


» All classes are currently being conducted on Tuesdays and Saturdays, from 11am to 4pm at Kelvin Gems which is located in Wisma Amoda, Kuala Lumpur.


4. Do you have classes at any other location aside from Kuala Lumpur?


» We are working with our business partners and associates in expanding our geographical location. We will be announcing the different locations soon. Stay tuned for more!


5. Is it compulsory to attend all the classes on a weekly basis?


» No. There is no fixed time frame for students to complete the courses. They are given the flexibility to learn at their own time and pace.


6. Do I need to prepare any tools and material in order to participate in these classes?


» No. All tools and materials are provided by EJS. All you need to do is turn up and enjoy yourself!


7. Are meals provided for these classes?


» No. Only light snacks and refreshment will be served.


8. How much does it cost to sign up for Young Master class?


» RM49 for 3 projects.


9. How much does it cost to sign up for the Hobby class?


» Each hobby class contains 2 or more projects and it takes at least 6 hours to complete. Students are allowed to attend as many classes as they require in order to complete the projects. All these flexibilities for only RM399 per class!


10. What if I’m only interested in making 1 single item instead of all the classes on offer? How much would it be?


» We have an ala-carte menu where you can select only the items that you are interested in making. The prices for these items starts from RM50 each.


11. Are the courses open to female students only?


» No. We don’t discriminate. All male and female students are welcome to join us.


12. Where can I find more info about EJS and its courses?


» Email: academy@elegantjewellerystudio.com


» Website: www.elegantjewellerystudio.com


» Phone: +6012-2672019 (Angie)


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