Review: Miera Nadhirah Tan Blogger’s Review on Poolside BBQ Party

Fun at the Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party

The weather seemed dismal, cloudy skies and rain or drizzle the whole day yesterday, but nevertheless, it did not stop us from attending the Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party organized by Dr Sidney Kan at the gorgeous Opal Condominium at Kota Damansara….

Just stepping food at the property was enough to make my breath catch and my little girl (ok, maybe not so little – heaven knows she hates me calling her little and insists she is already a ‘tween’) was thrilled at the sight of the pool…

It was definitely a picture of serenity and we were going to break that serenity for a few hours… hahahah…..
Upon arrival, we registered our attendance with Nannie , who was a most efficient ‘PA’ and co host and her ‘PA’ Shamiera….. hehehe ( these ladies are awesome… considering this is all voluntary work…)… and ah yeah, we even got goodie bags for this… sponsored from  ‪#‎shills‬ ‪#‎NYsteakshack‬ ‪#‎HeiSushi‬  …..
 Almost dying of curiosity at seeing three lovely cake boxes from the  ‪eastin hotel‬ , I opened the box to peek in to see three gorgeous work of temptation…… Oh gosh….. don’t you think they look so lovely and tempting??!!!
Picture credit to Miriam Merry-Go-Round
There were of course a few dozen colourful balloons sponsored by  Balloon Buzz from USJ Taipan…. (‪#‎balloonbuzzUSJtaipan‬)  which we could not resist taking photo with. After all it makes a great photo having a bouquet of beautiful coloured balloons in your picture.
And well, most of us as bloggers have a little narcissistic streak in us and we can never say no to taking photos…..
Then there was this amazing face/body painting artist, Fannie from  ‪Fannie Face Art‬ who gave me the best face painting ever!!! It was so pretty and amazing I cannot take enough photos of it and I almost cried having to wash it off  before I go to sleep…..
I had some beautiful pink flowers blooming on my face while my little daughter had a pretty butterfly done….
There were also pretty red and white balloons sponsored by ‪#‎NYsteakshack
My little daughter (she may be turning 11 soon, but she will always be my baby ok….) and I had a fun time taking photos around the poolside and so on as the view is just amazingly picturesque…
Then the BBQ…. OMG… it was nail biting tension waiting for the chicken,
 meat from Bakarlah BBQ and seafood from GST Group to cook since we were treated to amazing smells while the Bakarlah BBQ team so kindly BBQed our tea/ dinner for us….
Ain’t all the food here enough to tempt your appetite… I know it does for me, BBQ is among my favorite kind of cooking as it is basically quite delicious and healthy… not too much oil.. etc…
Yours truly definitely cannot resist ‘acting’ like I am the one doing the hard work in the above picture… hahahaha
And…. one of the highlights of the day everyone was anticipating….
Meeting Zung and getting our pictures taken by him!!
Just reading his CV and biodata is enough to put many of us in awe of this master photographer…And I am one of them…  and so I am so blessed to be given this opportunity to have my picture taken…
This is one of the sample shots of mine that came out…. isn’t it lovely!!!
I am patiently (or actually more like impatiently) waiting all the other photos in like 10 days… huhuhuh… such a long wait… but watch this space ok….
A little bit more about him…oh gosh… I wish I can be even a quarter of what he is, being passionate about photography and travel myself….
Read more HERE
Here is travel blogger Izzati having her picture taken too
Another highlight besides the amazing Face and Body painting by Fannie, photographs by Zung was of course, jewellery making from Elegant Jewellery Studio / Kelvin Gems
Lots of blogger moms and kids were seen having lots of fun designing their own personal costume jewellery etc…
It was definitely a fun-filled affair and everyone had an amazing time despite the slightly dismal weather which fortunately gave way to reasonably nice although cloudy weather …
Everyone had a great time… thanks to all the kind sponsors and also Dr Sidney Kan for organizing this amazing party………………
Fun pictures at the venue… of my and my daughter…. …

Kelvin Gems