Jewellery is one of the oldest tokens of affection and regard, for as long as the world could remember. Artefacts of loving attachments that speak to the deepest human sentiments – love, respect and adoration. At Kelvin Gems, we seek to understand people of all types, as they are at the heart of everything that we do. We take pride in knowing that our customers will be able to find the right piece of jewellery to express their sentiments. And bringing life to our creations.

We are committed to sourcing and designing innovative jewellery that is of the finest quality. Kelvin Gems’ signatures are reflected through the interplay of colours, showcasing the exquisite allurement of natural diamond colours, alongside with the strikingly beautiful white diamonds in various cuts. The result is a distinctive style that is both modern and glamorously timeless.

The styles and materials used by Kelvin Gems are diverse, ranging from precious gemstones and Swarovski Gems to certified diamonds and other crystals; from mixed media to bead-weaving and wirework. The designs are light and lacy, delicate and feminine. There is depth in all its collection, from simple diamond cluster necklaces to dramatic earrings, and engagement or wedding rings.