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What is the difference between SWAROVSKI Zirconia and Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia

The Cubic Zirconia looks like a diamond feels like a diamond and cost a lot less. In fact, most people are unable to tell the difference between a diamond and a Cubic Zirconia but one way is to look at the Cubic Zirconia under a magnification of round 10x. You can see the facets do not point properly and where facets intersect, it is not a straight line. Other ways to tell the difference are doing a specific gravity test on an un-mounted stone, and when measuring heat conductivity, a Cubic Zirconia registers red on the indicator (a diamond is green). Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is well known as a substitute for diamond, due to its high hardness and durability. To the untrained eye, CZ looks very similar to a good quality diamond but CZ has slightly less brilliance or sparkle than a diamond and more fire or flashes of colour.

One great difference between cubic zirconia and diamond is weight; CZ is about 60% heavier than diamond. A piece of CZ the same size as a one carat diamond weighs about 1.6 carats.

CZ is also more brittle than diamond and softer. A cubic zirconia can be scratched by diamond , topaz, ruby or sapphire whereas a diamond can only be scratched by another diamond.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) continuously populates the jewellery market as one of the most prominent diamond alternatives, due to its high hardness and great fire. CZ is a beautiful synthetic gemstone that is durable and inexpensive and now even comes in any colour of the rainbow, making it even more desirable. Cubic Zirconia is undoubtedly the best diamond substitute in today’s fashionable jewellery.

CZ was discovered by two German scientists in 1937. However, it was not until 1970 when the potential for cubic zirconia became apparent when a Russian scientist discovered the process to create it in a laboratory.

From then, SWAROVSKI & Co. started making Cubic Zirconia in large quantities for the diamond market.



Zirconia is considered to be the best diamond look-alike ever developed. For this reason, SWAROVSKI believes Zirconia should be cut to standards equivalent to those set for the finest-cut diamonds.

SWAROVSKI research in this area has revealed the ideal proportions that must be achieved to yield to maximum sparkle and shine in our flawless Zirconia. It’s a quality standard, now applied to all SWAROVSKI Gems Zirconia, that has earned the highest rating for critical factors determining diamond beauty from a leading gem lab versed in the machine measurement of diamond brilliance and light dispersion.

Our consumer immediately recognize the fine and very distinctive brilliance that sets the Zirconia stones of SWAROVSKI GEMS apart from our competitors.

A computer model based on GIA data from the Gemological Institute of America confirms that the round Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia offers the same brightness as the Tolkowsky Diamond. All product Made With SWAROVSKI GEMS sold by Kelvin Gems is accompanied with international Warranty Certificate.  HAPPY SHOPPING KELVIN GEMS SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA COLLECTION.



How to Choose the Best Earrings For Your Face Shape



Earrings can make your face look wide, thin, long or fat depending on your face shape.


Choose earrings that de-emphasise your wide forehead and create the illusion of width at the jawline. Chandelier or teardrop earrings work well.

You can wear almost any shape, but triangular earrings or simple studs will show off your lovely cheekbones best.

Drop or dangle earrings will elongate your face and make it look slimmer. Avoid large circular earrings, hoops and button studs which only emphasise the roundness.

Counterbalance your sharp chin with chandelier or teardrop earrings. Earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top help fill in the lower portion of your face, so your face is more balanced.

Studs, clustered earrings, short dangles, hoops in a medium to large size. Any type of round earrings will widen your face, and make it look fuller.

Go for earrings that are medium to long with rounded edges. Oval shapes soften things up, and circular earrings and hoop earrings work well too.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Him

Surprise the special man in your life with jewellery from the Gifts For Him range at Kelvin Gems. Discover carefully crafted jewellery that perfectly matches their style and personality, be it your father, brother, fiancé, or male best friend. Show him you care with a thoughtful gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on his face, no matter the occasion.

The Cufflink

Cufflinks are a great option for bold and creative working men. They help spruce up a formal outfit by adding a subtle touch of character and style. Shop our range of cufflinks that include our best-selling pieces like the Oval Checkered 925 Sterling Silver Cufflink, a statement piece that would elevate just about any outfit!


The Tungsten Magnetic Bracelet

For the everyday man who thrives on practicality, our magnetic bracelets offer both style and function. Some of the benefits of wearing it include improved blood circulation, an increase in energy level and the ability to control diabetes and cholesterol levels. Shop our wide range of magnetic bracelets like the Luxury Rose Gold Magnetic Bracelet on our site now.

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The 5 Everyday Treasures – A must have in your wardrobe

You have probably heard by now of the little black dress (LBD) that a woman must have in her wardrobe due to its versatility. Well, the little black dress isn’t the only must-have piece. Accessories and jewelleries are also important to complete the look. It is important to have a functional set of accessories and jewelleries that can go with any clothing and create a different look every time.

There are jewellery staples that you don’t have to build on or around, but they can complete every outfit regardless of style.

These affordable jewellery pieces have survived the test of time & trends and had always emerged as being chic. They are simple yet elegant and they cannot be put in any category or labelled a style. If you don’t already have these ‘treasures’ in your jewellery box, it’s time you made a serious investment. Guaranteed that it’s the smartest thing that you’ll ever do for you and your wardrobe.

They are:

  1. The Swarovski Pearl Stud Earring
  2. Multiway Pink Pendant made with Swarovski Zirconia
  3. 4-prong earrings made with Swarovski Zirconia
  4. Swarovski Pearl necklace with hematite in Bling Bling Magnetic Clasp
  5. Glam Tennis Bracelet made with Swarovski Element


  1. Swarovski Pearl Stud Earring

Basic pearl studs are essential items that every woman should have. Classic and versatile, pearl studs can transcend easily from day to night and blends well from casual to formal. So the next time you are in doubt on what to put on your ears, put up this trusty pair of pearl studs and we guarantee that you will fit right into whatever occasions that you are attending.


  1. Multiway Solitaire Pendant Necklace made with Swarovski Zirconia

This is another essential item that should be found in every woman’s jewellery box. A basic diamond pendant will help you go a long way. But we also understand that diamonds are expensive, so we are proposing the Swarovski Zirconia pendant as it shines like the real diamond at a much lower price. But that’s not all, our pendant is creatively designed to give you three different styles to suit any occasions. Here’s the link to one of our most popular pendants.


  1. 4-Prong Solitaire Stud Earrings made with Swarovski Zirconia

Zirconia is a created stone and the best-simulated diamond in the world with an 8.5 hardness on the Mohs Scale (reference: Swarovski website). This pair of earrings delivers the same brilliance as real diamonds. And the best thing is that it is set with prongs instead of glued, making it durable and suitable for everyday wear. Go on and check out more details here.


  1. Swarovski Pearl Necklace with hematite in Bling Bling Magnetic Clasp


Aside from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn is also known to wear layers of pearl strands, making her one of our all-time favourite style icon. Her sexy and sultry look simply brings out the best of any jewellery that she wears. This necklace is the basic pearl strand that every girl must have. Channel the Audrey Hepburn in you by wearing this and standout confidently for every occasion.


  1. Glam Tennis Bracelet made with Swarovski Element

Diamonds are perfect because they look great on anyone, anytime and anywhere. But, they are also the most favoured and sought after of gemstones what will put a strain on your wallet. Because we understand the constraints of having a budget, that is why we have created this sparkling and beautiful tennis bracelet with Swarovski Elements that will look equally good. It will add grace, style, and simple elegance to any outfit that you will be wearing. Check them out here.

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CityPlus Radio Interview

Q1. What made you start this business? 
A1. It has always been my passion and dream to be in the jewellery industry. When the opportunity came, I just had to grab it.

Q2. Why did you name the company after you? Or, how did the name come about? 
A2. It takes courage to name something after myself. I decided to name the company and brand with my own name to show my courage, dedication and conviction to deliver the best to my client. It is a dedication that my name is at stake – Angie Jewels & Co.

Q3. How are you different from your competitors? 
A3. We are not just another jeweller that designs and sells jewelleries. We provide happiness and loveliness with our product and services.  We educate and transfer our skills to individuals that want to explore jewellery making as a hobby. Apart from just selling jewelleries, we offer jewellery making workshops for passionate individuals to make their own. Also, we share our jewellery knowledge with the public. This makes us different from the others.

Q4. There are many designs that you have created. Which is your favourite piece?
A4. I believe in multifunctional jewellery. Versatile necklace in particular. The multiway necklace can be worn in 14 ways. Having said that, all the designs are designed from the heart. I like all of them. The best design is probably the next one.

Q5. Do you collect jewelleries? What type of jewelleries do you collect?
A5. I collect my own jewelleries, especially the statement pieces and some signature designs. I love collecting special jewellery pieces when I travel. Each piece has a special moment tied to it, and these jewellery pieces are very memorable and close to my heart.

I also love collecting gemstones, ceramic, enamel, organic jewelleries, clay and glass jewelleries.

Q6. As a graceful lady, what does jewellery mean to you? If you were to choose a piece of jewellery for a young lady, how do you go about the selection? 
A6. You can power up using jewellery as finishing touches to your look. One third of your wardrobe should be made up of accessories. For a young lady, I would recommend my treasure box series. A must-have for any girls out there. It consists of 5 items, a pair of earring studs, a solitaire pendant, a pair of pearl studs, a pearl necklace and a tennis bracelet. All of them are basic jewellery that every girl should own to complement their look from day to night.

Q7. What do you think of the Malaysian jewellery industry? What is the outlook for the industry? 
A7. Based on research, an individual will only visit the jewellery shop 5 times in their entire life. The first must be for their wedding, then birthday, followed by anniversary or Mother’s Day celebration. That is why 90% of the jewellers sell wedding rings as their main product. There is huge gap, or I would say opportunity in the jewellery industry. Jewellery is not just limited to Diamonds and Gold. There are many gemstones, crystals, and precious metals available. But due to the lack of knowledge, consumers only buy what they are comfortable with. But there is no doubt that personalised and special jewellery boutiques have a higher demand.

Q8. Does consumer understand the jewelleries they buy? What are they buying and collecting? If you were to recommend, which type of jewellery is the best for collection with appreciation in value over time?
A8. Generally, the buyer of jewelleries are mostly men. They buy jewelleries because there is a need. A need to get a ring for engagement, and gifts for anniversaries and birthdays. All men know is diamond, gold or white gold. If I were to recommend, I would say the basic jewelleries that can be worn every day. like what I have mentioned earlier in the treasure box (solitaire earrings, solitaire pendant, pearl studs, pearl necklace and tennis bracelet). In terms of value, of course diamond and gold or even gemstone will appreciate over time. A good quality strand of pearls is as valuable as a diamond pendant.

Q9. A lot of women dream to be in the business of beauty and fashion. What are your benefits or greatest achievement to-date?
A9. It is not easy to be in any business. It is very competitive. You need to find your niche. Currently, my academy is one of the top 3 jewellery workshop providers in KL. Through my journey, I have learned and discovered more about myself by overcoming challenges. By overcoming the challenges, it has also helped me to better understand my customers’ needs.

Q10. What are some of the biggest challenges you face in running the business? How did you overcome them?
A10. I have faced with many challenges, from product design failure, to wrong marketing strategies, and having been cheated, and many more. But, by overcoming these challenges, I grew stronger. If a tree has sunshine all day it will not grow, it needs rain and wind to make its root grow deeper and stronger. Challenges made me and my company stronger.

Q11. How do you maintain diamonds and jewelleries? 
A11. I normally store my jewelleries in separate plastic pouches inside a box. The plastic pouches will protect the jewelleries from scratching against one another within the box.

Q12. Jewelleries are beautiful like life itself is beautiful. Are you satisfied with your current life? What is a fulfilling and happy life to you? 
A12. A diamond becomes shiny for having gone through high pressure and heat under the earth. After that, it needs some polishing then only it will shine. To achieve a happy and fulfiling life, I guess we have to go through what a diamond has gone through. Then our life will shine brightly like a diamond. There are no short cuts nor comfort zones.

Q13. What is the next thing for AJ? New Design? What can we look forward to?
A13. Angie Jewels would like to share more jewellery related knowledge with our students, clients or individuals wishing to know more about jewellery. We have one mission in mind, and that is to educate them to make better decisions when it comes to buying jewellery.

We share topics like:
1. How to differentiate real pearl from fake
2. All about diamond
3. Birthstone
4. Precious Metal
5. Fix your broken jewelleries

We will be rolling out a DIY kit in May to reach out to more individuals, so that our clients can make jewellery at the comfort of their home.

My new collection will involve Feng Shui elements – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. I will be recommending my clients what is the best jewellery suited for them based on their elements.

Q14. Can you share your motto in a sentence to our beautiful listeners? 
A14. Everyone has a jewel in you, bring it out and let it shine brightly in your life.