Drape Silver Baroque Pearl Earring


Product : Earring
Brand : Kelvin Gems
Stone : Baroque Pearl
Pearl Size : 12mmx18mm approximately 
Metal : Brass
Closure : Hook Clasp
Resizable : Yes
Weight :  50g                                                         

 Packaging: Premium Box
This product is packed in our Exclusive Jewellery Box by Kelvin Gems that holds jewellery well in place and is safe for shipping.
 Bonus 1: Warranty
This purchase is entitled 3 months international product warranty from the date of purchase. We will also clean and polish your jewellery free of charge. Please keep your receipts for warranty
 Bonus 2: Free Delivery
Enjoy FREE shipping when you spend RM75 and above.

 A classic gift widely acceptable by young ladies, OL, brides, bridesmaid, mother – a perfect gift for her who favors understated elegance in simplicity.
“For mom is as precious as pearl.”

 Care Instruction for Fresh Water Pearl
If you take care of your pearl properly, it can last for a lifetime. The best way to care for your pearls is to wear them as often as possible, it is because our body natural oils keep pearls lustrous. However, it is important to keep the pearl away from chemical including lotion, makeup, hairspray and perfume. All these will make the pearl luster dull. It is good to put on your pearl after dressing up and take off your pearl when you come home. When you take off the pearl, remember to wipe them with clean soft cloth and place it in separate from other jewellery to avoid scratching the surface.

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